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地道的表达方式是: The sample is currently on the way to the carrier. I'll let you know the tracking number as soon as it is available. 正在路上用on the way就好了。 希望能帮上你。

翻译是:Hello, distinguished judges。 解释: hello 英[hə'ləʊ] 美[həˈloʊ] int. 打招呼; 哈喽,喂; 你好,您好; 表示问候; n. “喂”的招呼声或问候声; vi. 喊“喂”; [例句]Hello, Trish 你好,特里茜。 distingu...

It's really good when everybody is good. 句子只能有一个动词呢

为您解答 have no sense of time lack a sense of time 都可以

Hello everyone! Thanks for your attention to my speech. 希望对你有用,望速采纳,谢谢!

Hello, my name is Xiao Huang. I this year eleven years old, I come from Shaoguan Peace Primary school. I most like the color is blue, because blue is the color of the sky. I most like to eat ice cream. Because I can eat ice cre...

你好,翻译结果: “大家好,今天我演讲的主题是生命的美好” Hello everyone, today my topic is the beautiful life"

翻译如下 大家好,很高兴在这里介绍我自己 Hello! It's nice to introduce myself here.

English translation, to introduce myself Leaders, students, teachers, everybody is good, very honored to stand here today, below let me introduce myself first. My name is XXX, from guizhou guiyang. Everyone has seen advertising...

hello. my name is xx.i am 17years old from a beautiful city——jinan. at school my favorite subject is maths. i also like sports such as basketball. running. i like listening to music and watching tv at home. this is me_ a lovely...


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