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请帮忙英语翻译一句话: "付款后请告诉我,谢谢"

Please inform me when the payment has been done, thank you. 付款后请告诉我,谢谢 When will be the best time in this week for your company to process the payment? 请告诉我贵公司可以在本周几付款? 我上面两个是比较正式书面的回答,...

Have you paid the bill.If you didn't, please tell me when it can be paid.

敷衍 多音字: [fū yǎn] [fū yan] [词典] [书] (叙述并发挥) elaborate; expound; [例句]他那些话分明是敷衍你的。 Obviously, he said that just to satisfy you.

好的,收到货款后,我会第一时间告诉你. OK, I will inform you once we receive the payment for goods. 希望可以帮到你 纯手写,望采纳

I have attached the file with the E-mail. Please let me know if you want anything else.

Please advice your time of the payment for the goods, just a rough time, thanks.

这只是产品的出厂价,不包括运费,请告诉我要发到哪里,运费要另外计算的。 This is only for the product's factory price exclusive of the transportation fee. Please let me know where it will be transported, and the transportation fe...

我的英语不好,如果说错话,请不要介意。我一直都会很尊敬你。请问可以告诉我你其它的联系方式吗?比如电子邮箱或QQ。 Please don't mind if I say something wrong because of my poor English.I am always respecting you,and would you pleas...

I'm so sorry but currently this is the only method of payment. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

我还是把修改的全文写了,供你参考 taking bus is a environmental way, which saves energy and reduces pollution. my research was mainly focused on the bus routes nearby dongyuan district(这个地方,district是一种行政区划,如果表达...


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