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请帮忙英语翻译一句话: "付款后请告诉我,谢谢"

Please inform me when the payment has been done, thank you. 付款后请告诉我,谢谢 When will be the best time in this week for your company to process the payment? 请告诉我贵公司可以在本周几付款? 我上面两个是比较正式书面的回答,...

敷衍 多音字: [fū yǎn] [fū yan] [词典] [书] (叙述并发挥) elaborate; expound; [例句]他那些话分明是敷衍你的。 Obviously, he said that just to satisfy you.

Excuse me, do you want transparent blue or solid blue? Please tell me the color number

Please tell me about the products you're taking charge now.

I'm so sorry but currently this is the only method of payment. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

please tell me

I have attached the file with the E-mail. Please let me know if you want anything else.

1.Moving forward, although there still has the time when I am hesitate. 这个不好啊?哦……换一个。 2.Moving forward, although there's the time in hesitation. 什么?这个也不行啊? 3.Moving ahead, although I (still) have hesitant t...

Could you advise me the type which you want to change the product into ?

If you think I didn't perform well or you are not satisfied with me, please let me know and I will amend it soon.


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