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be aware that [词典] 意识到; [例句]You may already be aware that an encyclopedia contains objects that are uniquely identified by their GUID. 您可能已经意识到了一个百科全书包含了根据GUID进行唯一识别的对象。

1. 这是宾语从句。某些形容词可以带宾语从句,例如 I am glad that you can come to the party. I am sure that you are right. 2. 在 be 后面的 aware, glad, sure 等形容词作表语,但形容词后的用 that 引导的从句并不作表语,所以不是表语从句。

of 是介词后面必须跟名词,这里可以加fact, truth 等名词引导同位语从句,如: I am aware of the fact that she has been here.

宾语从句 有些动态形容词如:sure(确信),certain(肯定),afraid(恐怕),confident(确信)等,用作表语时,可跟一个意义上相当于宾语的名词从句。例如: They are confident that they can do the job well. 他们确信能够做好那个工作。 ...

可以确定的是be aware 后面一定可以加that 引导的完整的从句。 至于be aware of 后面,一般加上 名次,动名词,名词性的短语, 作of 的宾语,与of构成介宾结构。既然是宾语,当然也可以用一个从句充当宾语从句。例如 I don't think people are a...

become aware that 意识到 双语对照 例句: 1. When people who are transgender become aware that they feel mismatched with theirbodies, they may feel confused and emotionally conflicted. 当易性人意识到自己的心理性别与身体性别不一致...

be aware that one of you的中文翻译_百度翻译 be aware that one of you 意识到你们中的一个 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译

1. be + 形容词 是英语的一个句子结构 主语 + 系词(be 等等) + 表语 (形容词 等等) 2. 灯火辉煌的街头 lighted streets 3. 联系方式 这得看你在什么场合用。 Contact me/us: 139998.../ 01012345678 或是 my / our contact detail is .... 4....

中文意思是:每个人都应该意识到任何一个专业的每个人都应该意识到任何提示行为都是有益的 也可以读作:Everyone should be aware that every one of them should be aware that any prompt action is good.

please be aware that there may be banking fees deducted from the amount 请注意银行要从金额里扣除手续费


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